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Glass Enhancement

LLUMAR® glass enhancement film puts a new world of creativity, functionality and flexibility within your grasp, and within your vision.

Achieve the look of etched or sandblasted glass, at a fraction of the cost. Combine colours to create virtually any hue. Overlap patterns to create a signature and unique look. Select a finish to diffuse or focus light, or even block it entirely. No matter what design challenge you face, LLumar® decorative films can deliver an affordable, practical, and unique solution, cost effectively, with stunning results.
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The Beauty of Privacy

LLumar® decorative film will help you add privacy to spaces while making a bold design statement. You can replicate the premium look of sandblasted glass, create unique patterns, add colour, or intricate layered designs – all without sacrificing natural light or aesthetics. It’s the perfect balance between function and style, making it ideal for almost any application.

The Value of Flexibility

A fraction of the cost of designed or etched glass, LLumar® decorative film can be custom cut to virtually any design, and is often installed in less than a day. It is virtually maintenance free, resists fingerprints, and can be cleaned as you would any other window. As business needs or design tastes change, LLumar® film can be easily replaced or modified.