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LLumar® Paint Protection Film

Let one of the highest quality paint protection films protect your investment.

Consumers are keeping their vehicles longer and want to maintain their value by keeping them looking new longer. Maintaining the exterior finish is one of the primary ways a car buyer can keep their car looking new longer, and new car dealers report paint protection film as one of the top-selling add-ons. If you are not offering paint protection film in your shop and partnering with local car dealers, you are missing out on a significant revenue and profit opportunity.
LLumar Paint Protection Film Offers:
  • Clear coat finish that self-heals when scratched and is resistant to cracks, yellowing and staining
  • High-gloss, virtually invisible surface with superior optical clarity that matches a new car’s finish
  • Shields vehicles against rocks, road debris, winter salt and sand with year-round protection
  • Limited five year manufacturer’s warranty*

DuraShield™ Paint Protection Film

DuraShield Titan XT™ paint protection film is highly-engineered to protect vehicles from stone chips, bug acids, and many natural environmental hazards that can damage painted, chrome and acrylic surfaces.

Titan XT™ Film Offers:
  •  Titan XT's FlexCoat™ formulation easily blocks virtually all detrimental environment hazards delivering unparalleled resistance to the harsh realities waiting to attack a vehicle's finish.
  • High gloss levels, super-smooth liner and a protective interleaf create beautiful film clarity from start to finish.
  • Crosslink technology creates an impervious surface keeps out contaminants which may cause discoloration.
  • UV inhibitors work to block out harmful UV rays so the film looks as pristine as the day it was installed.

LLumar® PrecisionCut™ Software

Increase profitability and reduce waste with LLumar® PrecisionCut™ software. The LLumar® PrecisionCut™ System is your all-in-one source for the automated cutting of LLumar® automotive, Paint Protection Film, flat glass and safety films, as well as vinyl and custom graphics. We can put together a turn-key system that provides everything you need to get started including a cutting plotter.

We also offer competitive prices and the highest level of service and support on Graphtec, Roland and Jaguar plotters. We can customize a package for you.