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Solar Control

How Window Film Works

Made from tough polyester laminates and bonded coatings, LLumar® Energy Saving Window Films:
  • Reduce solar energy heat gain by up to 85%
  • Block 99% of damaging UV rays
  • Improve occupant comfort by reducing heat and glare
  • Low-E (low-emissivity) films improve insulating properties for year round savings and comfort

Residential Films - Protection & Peace of Mind

Your home is your largest investment. LLumar® can help you protect that investment by giving you control over the things that matter most. Professionally installed LLumar® window film will greatly enhance the energy efficiency, look, and functionality of your windows. This translates into lower utility bills, improved comfort, added privacy, and greater protection against the unexpected.

Common Residential Problems:
  • Too much HEAT?
  • GLARE on TV and computer screens?
  • FADING of your furniture, carpets, and paintings?
  • No PRIVACY from neighbours?

Commercial High Performance Glazing Solutions

It takes a world leader to protect one. As the world’s leading brand of architectural window film, LLumar® has been enhancing well-known buildings around the world for decades, with proven results. From Buckingham Palace to the Vatican to Chrysler World Headquarters, LLumar® exceeds expectations of even the toughest customers.

Common Commercial Problems:
  • Computer screen GLARE
  • Harmful UV rays
  • Need for further LEED points
  • Hot & cold spots, plus imbalanced temperature

LLumar® One Minute Challenge™

Use Our Energy Savings Calculator to Determine Your Potential Return on Investment

”Energy costs represent 30% of a typical commercial building’s annual budget and is the single largest operating cost. Solar heat gain through windows contributes to 1/3 of a building’s cooling load.” SOURCE: BOMA-Kingsley Quarterly/US EPA Energy Star

LLumar® One Minute Challenge™

The LLumar® One Minute ChallengeTM uses the U.S. Department of Energy’s DOE-2 energy simulation program, along with average energy costs for your area, to calculate expected savings. Simply select your location, glass type, building type and film product type and we’ll show you how much you can expect to save and how quickly an investment in LLumar® can pay you back.

Lowers Energy Costs up to 15%

Significant Savings. Rapid Payback. Smart Investment.

LLumar® Energy Saving Window Film can boost the performance of nearly any glazing system, significantly reducing energy consumption and peak demand. Professional energy audits estimate that buildings retrofitted with LLumar® energy saving films could realize annual energy savings as high as 15% or more with improved HVAC efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and an average payback within three years.

Is Your Building Energy Efficient?

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that one-third of a building’s cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, and nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy efficient. LLumar® offers an exclusive Energy Audit process that utilizes widely accepted DOE-2 analytics to analyze how LLumar® can improve efficiency to deliver significant savings and rapid payback. And the LLumar® Energy Audit Process is the only tool in the industry that has been independently verified by the world’s largest energy services company.

Estimate Your Energy Savings Potential, and
Qualify Your Building for a Full Energy Audit